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What to Do When You’ve Booked an Airport Pickup

What to Do When You've Booked an Airport Pickup

You can make your vacation or business trip more convenient by booking for an airport pick up ahead of time. Not only will you not have any trouble finding transportation regardless if you are alone or with a group, but you will also know exactly how much you should reserve for your transportation budget because the price is already marked right before you finalized your booking.

So when you’ve booked for an airport pickup, what should you do? Here are the things to keep in mind when you’ve booked for an airport taxi service in Santa Rosa, California:

  • Verify your flight and re-confirm your schedule with your service provider.
    Make sure that your flight isn’t delayed or canceled. If it’s delayed, inform your shuttle service provider about the new schedule and get their confirmation that they can still pick you up. In the case when it is canceled, check the booking policy you’ve signed to see what the company has stipulated in the case of canceled flights.
  • Reconfirm the number of people who’ll be going on the trip.
    You don’t need to do this if you’re going on the trip alone, but if you’re going with a group, then this is a step you must do. Cars have limited passenger capacity. If you’ve booked the car for a trip for five people but actually go to your destination with ten, you’ll have to inform the car company about it. Of course, you’d have to pay the corresponding fees for the increase in passengers.

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