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Top Transportation Services to Coordinate for a Convention

Top Transportation Services to Coordinate for a Convention

Are you hosting a large-scale convention? Out of the many aspects that must be paid attention to, transportation definitely ranks at the top. You need to coordinate a shuttle service to ensure that the convention’s participants can go to and from the venue without any problem.

Here are the types of transport services that the organizer must coordinate for that:

  • Airport Transportation
    If there are participants who attend the convention from another country or state, then an airport transportation service in Sonoma County, California, is necessary. Through this, the participants don’t have to worry about getting lost once they arrive at an unfamiliar place.
  • Continuous Shuttle Service
    Sometimes, the convention may span a couple of days and be held at different venues. Continuous taxi service in Santa Rosa, California, should be coordinated so that the participants will have a mode of transportation they can use to go from one venue to another. The best thing about a continuous shuttle service is that you can set the time and the route ahead of time.
  • VIP Transportation
    Most conventions will have VIPS. These people may be the guest speakers of the convention or they may be audience members who bought premium tickets. VIP transportation will allow these VIPs to travel around without needing to squeeze themselves in between other people in crowded buses.

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