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Proper Etiquette When Booking for a Taxi Service

Proper Etiquette When Booking for a Taxi Service

Taxi services are particularly essential when you are in a hurry, or you want to travel conveniently, but don’t have a car you can use as a transportation service in Sonoma County, California. You can book it via the app, or you can book an appointment through the service provider’s website.

When you’ve booked for this particular service, you should remember that there are common etiquettes to remember to ensure a pleasant riding experience. Here are some easy-to-remember etiquettes for you:

  • Be at the meet-up place on time.
    When you book for a taxi service in Santa Rosa, California means that you’re ready (or almost ready!) to be picked up. The taxi may be nearby already, and it will be a hassle if you book for one, but you’re still far from the pickup point. Don’t let your driver wait.
  • Don’t be a bad drunk.
    Often, people use a taxi service at night because they are too drunk to drive home on their own. As much as possible, you shouldn’t be a bad drunk.
  • Tip the driver.
    Even if you have already paid for the fare for the said shuttle service, you should consider tipping too. While there may be some areas that don’t have tipping as mandatory, you can’t go wrong with leaving tips for a pleasant ride.

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